The Basics of Auto Insurance


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Homeowners insurance provides coverage in the event of damage to your property, as well as liability for injuries and damage you cause to other people on your property.

Homeowners insurance policies provide broad coverage for losses to your home, your personal belongings and also for detached structures on your property. It also provides protection in the event of an injury to people on your property. While homeowners insurance is comprehensive coverage, there are some things it does not cover. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients, understand their needs and then craft a comprehensive risk management policy for them.


We specialize in personal automobile, classic, and collector cars with unparalleled service and knowledge. We understand the market and the importance of insuring your car for its true value. We also understand the importance of handling claims promptly and acting as an advocate for our clients in the event of a dispute.


How much life insurance do you need? There are a number of factors to consider in determining how much life insurance could be appropriate for you including:

•Who depends on you for their well-being?

•How much do you earn yearly? One rule of thumb is to think in terms of insurance coverage representing 5 to 7 times your annual earnings, after taxes. That way those left behind will be supported while they get back on their feet.

•What debts do you have? If they can be paid off with life insurance proceeds, that can take a burden off your family.

•How close are you to retirement? Generally, the closer you are to retirement the less life insurance you might need.


The damage caused to a home from water can be devastating, and in most cases water damage is not covered by homeowners insurance. Flood and other water-related damage is a common exclusion in almost every homeowners insurance policy. 

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         Specialty Dwelling/Builders Risk

We offer insurance programs specifically designed for high value homes.High value homes are generally categorized as those with a value in excess of $750,000. For homes with this kind of value, sometimes standard homeowners insurance is not the ideal fit and does not recognize the unique coverage needs of high value homeowners. That is why it is important to work with The Insurance Mall  that specializes in this type of coverage.


Insuring your condominium is different than buying rental insurance or homeowners insurance. We understand the market for condominium owners and specialize in helping our clients with this type of coverage. There are a number of different ways your association may be set up, so it is important for us to fully understand the coverage provided by the association and your personal situation.

Cyber liability Insurance

Cyber insurance is a sub-category of general insurance that covers businesses and individuals against internet-based liability and risks. There are generally two levels of cyber liability coverage: first-party and third-party. First-party coverage encompasses direct losses to an organization or individual, whereas third-party coverage extends to claims and legal action taken by customers or partners.

Coverage differs by provider, but common coverage areas include data breaches, identity theft, and personal data theft. There are also the hefty legal fees, fines, and costs associated with recovering compromised data, repairing systems, restoring the personal identities of affected customers, and notifying customers of breaches. Coverage may also extend to scenarios like business interruption, extortion, or forensic investigation, meaning the costs associated with uncovering the cause and impact of an attack. The core idea behind cyber insurance is to help you recover from a data breach or identity theft by mitigating all the costs that crop up in the aftermath


Disability insurance can help to replace a portion of your income when you are sick or injured and unable to work. Some people refer to disability insurance as “paycheck protection.” Having adequate disability insurance can help provide a sense of security so that if the unexpected were to happen, you would still receive a regular income.