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As a business owner, you spend many a sleepless night worrying about your business and your employees. We understand your concerns and we will work with you to identify the risks to your business and recommend solutions to mitigate those risks. We understand the marketplace and the needs of clients. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and provide comprehensive risk management. So regardless of whether you are a manufacturer ,a boat dealer, a salon, an inn  or a craft brewery  we are here to help you.

Workers Comp

Workers' Compensation Insurance can pay for three things when an employee is injured at work: medical bills, recovery costs, and partial missed wages. If an employee dies, Workers' Comp can cover funeral costs and benefits to the worker's family. Depending on state laws and contract requirements, you may need this policy to cover employees, contractors, freelancers, or even yourself

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In addition to its aggressive representation on behalf of truckers, we offers a complete range of affordable truck insurance to small-business truckers.

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General liabilty

General Liability Insurance coverage usually includes: Property Damage or Bodily Injury. Could include claims expenses if you injure a third-party or damage someone else's property. Medical Payments. Defense Costs. Personal & Advertising Injury

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​Food Processors

We specialize in helping food processors with their insurance and risk management. Due to the specialized nature of food manufacturing, we have programs that deal with the unique risk associated with the manufacturing of food products. You can count on us to be your single source solution to meet your specialized coverage needs.

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Dealers Insurance: Garage Liability, protection for bodily injury and property damage claims. Physical Damage from collision, theft, vandalism, fire and weather. Worker's Comp, wage replacement & medical benefits to injured employees.

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General liability for independent contractors proves the contractor can address work mistakes. This reassures clients and partners their business is in good hands. If your business isn't already protected, The Insurance Mall can get you covered in 24 hours and deliver your proof of insurance immediately

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